Resin Art

Alcohol Inks and Resin Art by BackedByLove

#BackedByLove Peace Underneath
#BackedByLove Mixed Media Art Beginnings

 I found myself, my voice, and my expression through mixed media.  I applied my love for acrylic, the freedom of alcohol ink and the depth and beauty of resin to begin a series of mixed media pieces.  

Today, I want to take you through my journey.

Chelsea Bork

This series of work represents a voyage, a long journey with no set end destination.  This work shares how dreams can be reached and how being #BackedByLove and support can lead you anywhere. 

Peace Underneath-8×10 Mixed Media on Wood Panel 

#BackedByLove Peace Underneath Framed

This piece started my entire journey into resin with alcohol ink.  This was originally a test piece that had no end destination and was actually set aside for months before being revisited.  I then wondered what would happen if I added alcohol inks.  What happened was an incredible work of art that was promptly submitted to the Howard County Arts Council 2019 Show. 

It was chosen, used as the promotion image online for the event, and then sold at the actual show.  The owner of this piece is now a collector of BackedByLove Art. I had searched for a style of my own for years and now finally, once I was happy and peaceful with the state of this work of art, I also found peace in knowing I had found my own unique style of art.

A Piece of Me-15×15 Mixed Media on Wood Panel 

#BackedByLove A Piece of Me Framed
#BackedByLove A Piece of Me Framed

This piece started as the second piece in this new series of layered alcohol inks and resin.  I was working on experimenting and brining to life the depth that is possible within this style of art. When what could have been the worst possible moment occurred.  Something happened that I could not fix. One of my very long strands of hair had cured right into the middle of the painting!

I was so upset with myself, but I finished the piece anyways.  After giving this piece the name “A Piece of Me” and telling this story on its debut post on social media, it sold immediately!

The imperfection of art became a desire for my collectors because it wasn’t perfect.  What it did have was character, beauty, and came from passion. It is now a one of a kind work of art that still has a piece of me in it.

Chelsea Bork

Rest in Me–15×15 Mixed Media on Wood Panel 

#BackedByLove Rest In Me Framed

The third and final piece of this initial series that all ended up in the same home is named “Rest in Me”.  This is because the owner told me that she had two nails throughout her house for the first piece she had purchased.  She would move it from nail to nail because it made her feel so rested and peaceful!  She could not wait for this third piece to be completed so that no matter where in her home she went she would be at peace!

Luck of the Iris–15×15 Mixed Media on Wood Panel 

#BackedByLove Luck of the Iris Framed

Through social media a friend from what felt like a lifetime ago reached out and said that she NEEDED a painting.  

When I asked her what she wanted she said wanted exactly what I had just created but in purples, silvers, and grey.  

This was exciting to me because this gave me even more of a reason to experiment with new colors and techniques in this medium.  With some ink, luck, and maybe a little talent, the “Luck of the Iris” was born.

That is how this line of art was born. 

If you read all the way through this blog on my journey and adventure with this type of art. I want you to know I did not find my style until after two years of being a full time – part time artist! So if you feel like you haven’t found IT yet. Keep experimenting, Stay True To Yourself, and Don’t Forget to Have FUN!